What is mondocteur237 ?

MonDocteur237 is the first e-health service in Cameroon. It’s a web application for taking online appointment 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Nowadays making appointments with health professionals in Cameroon is strewn with difficulties. Most of the patients do not know where to find a specialist, the secretariats are overwhelmed, the waiting rooms of the reference clinics and hospitals are saturated.
MonDocteur237 is revolutionizing e-health in Cameroon. With a few clicks, a patient can take Meet with his practitioner and he can consult his appointment calendar quickly and efficiently.
Thanks to this service, patients will be able to find the pharmacy, clinic, laboratory and hospitals closest to him from a 7/7 and 24/24 mobile application.

Why mondocteur237 ?

For healthcare professionals

✔ Increase yourrevenues and reduce your secretarial time by up to 40%
✔ Increase your patient base
✔ you have a personalized agenda available on computer, mobile and tablet
✔ Reduce waiting times in waiting room
✔ Your online visibility is optimized

For patients

✔Reduce long waiting hours in hospitals
✔ Provide faster access to healthcare professionals
✔ Online appointment on mondocteur237.com 24/7
✔ Find the health center, pharmacy, laboratory closest to the patient
✔ Manage your medical appointments with ease

A revolutionary service: Making an appointment on WhatsApp

Aware of the fact that access to quality internet is still an obstacle for many Cameroonians, we have created a reliable system for making appointments via our virtual assistant on WhatsApp


Our mission

The objective of mondocteur237.com is to facilitate patient access to care and at the same time help practitioners to increase their patient base and better manage their appointment books and give them greater visibility.
We want with your help to offer better quality health services to Cameroonians, To be the leaders in making online appointments with doctors in Cameroon and why not in Africa

Easy to Find

Instant Booking

24 Hours Service